Building and Structure Protection

We represent a leading provider of advanced protection solutions for blast and ballistic hits of structures and variety of stresses resulting from Shooting, Explosions, Missiles etc including industrial safety risks.

  • Protection For Buildings Against Blasts
  • Antenna Protection
  • Portable Shooting Protection For VIPs
  • Windows and Doors Protection
  • Judea Fort
  • Mobile Shelters

Composite materials plates reinforcement protects buildings against blasts , bomb threats and hundreds of pounds of explosives in the short range.

Flying splinters and debris pose the greatest danger to occupants of a building in case of an explosion outside. We offer a wide range of solutions for protecting boundary walls, antenna structures, sentry posts, hazardous material enclosures, windows and portable shields including bullet proof podiums.

Lightweight Shooting Protection For VIP

Can be quickly placed and easy to dismantle. Protection to various threat levels. Plate does not block transmission and reception of radio signals. Suitable for transit protection, sterile demarcation of rooms and fast protection of any exposed area.


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