Underground Activity Detection System

The problem of tunnels being dug under walls and fences, for clandestine activities like illegal border crossings, jail breaks, smuggling etc has existed for a long time. Earlier it was difficult to detect such activities, however modern technology makes it feasible to detect underground digging and tunneling even before it breaches the barrier. The technology also makes it easy to detect the locations of such tunnels, thus enabling security and law enforcement to apprehend diggers as they emerge.

The system is based on seismic sensors that are buried 1 m underground and connected to a Sensor Interface Unit (SIU). 8 to 10 sensors can be connected to a single SIU, with sensors being spaced approximately 10 m apart. Inputs from various SIUs are collected and sent to a central control unit. Thus, a stretch of sensitive border area where digging is feasible, or a vital compound like a correctional facility can be protected from illegal underground entry / exit,, before the event takes place

Useful for Border Protection Forces, Prison Authorities, Nuclear Power Plant Security, VVIP residences, Missile silos and other highly sensitive sites.

Human Activity Detection In Known Tunnels & Caves

On most sensitive borders where there is a likelihood of people crossing, tunnels have been dug for clandestine border crossings. Many of these tunnels though sealed, are likely to be

re-opened unless monitored closely. We offer a method of keeping watch on these underground cavities efficiently and effectively.

This system uses a combination of Seismic sensors, Motion Detectors and Cameras to identify and record clandestine activity.


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