While there can be many ways to approach a disaster situation, we at CISB Tech prefer to focus on one of the most elements in the pre-planning stage, the preparatory stage and the post occurrence stage, Communication. It is an accepted fact that communication links are among the first to go when a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake strikes an area. This effectively renders the disaster coordinators blind. We believe that a robust and effective communication network is the backbone, for meaningful coordination.

It is also a given truism that, often the various agencies that can assist in disaster mitigation, while possessing vast amounts of information on the areas under their control, rarely share information with other agencies. Thus individual agencies tend to work in silos, which greatly reduces efficiency and effectiveness of authorities charged with disaster management.

Fortunately, with rules for a coordinated approach having been put in place, the stage is now set for an effective multi-layered network, where the following three functions are facilitated at all levels:

  • Information Gathering and Analysis
  • Resource Management
  • Task Management

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