The proposed solution envisages a C&C Centre in the state capital which would receive inputs not only from district level Command Centres but also from national satellite imagery centres and other national resources. The District Command Centres would receive their inputs both from field personnel and sensors, as well as from the State Command Centre. The solution includes integration of installed expert systems on site into one central system located in the fusion center. A key component of the system is a multi-source, multi-task imagery intelligence system that receives, exploits and processes multiple imagery and data in a unified manner, disseminating relevant intelligence reports, products and material over the network to authorized end users and clients. The system allows the client to manage events and control the combined forces from one central control. The system allows receipt and preparation of an updated real-time situation picture, based on geographically dispersed variable sensors combined with advanced algorithms for data fusion. The system is based on products that can quickly connect to other systems depending on customer needs.


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