Laser Sensors For Perimeter Protection

  • Laser Fence Systems
  • Perimeter Laser Sensors
  • Area Laser Sensors
  • Drone Defence

Laser Fence Systems

The LFS is aimed at High End Security Users. It is used for security fences or area surveillance of critical infrastructure. The sensor scans a circular sector of 100 degrees and creates a thin laser detection curtain around the periphery. The maximum detection range is 160 m. The detection area is scanned at a high rate of upto 16 times per second. It enables the detection of intruders jumping over and / or throwing packages over the fence. Using this system it is feasible to secure the sides of a large building to guard against intruders trying to scale the walls and breaking in through a window.

In addition, a virtual fence can be created around a building or a demarcated area.Typically used by Police or forces guarding a high security area like a VVIP residence, or Airport / Port Security.

Perimeter Laser Sensors

The PLSis oriented to users who need a lower level of security. Typically used to monitor Out Of Bounds areas, like building roofs / terraces, compounds, or the area around parked aircraft, they can also be used to secure walls, fences and courtyards. An approaching person can be picked up at 35 to 60 m.

Area Laser Sensors

Laser Range Finders (LRF) have traditionally been used for ascertaining the distance to an object by measuring the time taken for a transmitted pulse to return after being reflected off that object. The ALS incorporates two Laser Range Finders (LRF) housed back to back in a sealed housing. Both LRF rotate on a common axis. The ALS creates a double virtual detection fence. While rotating, the LRF transmits laser pulses at the rate of 6000 p/sec. The return pulses are detected by the LRF. The ALS processes the data and creates a virtual map of the protected area by measuring the distance to the surrounding objects.

It covers a 360 degree area up to 700 m diameter. It can detect walkers, runners, crawlers and swimmers. It is used in highly sensitive sites.

Drone Defence
  • Dense Laser Curtain (DLC)
  • High Security Complex Drone Defence

The DLC is a tailor-made product to detect objects flying, or, thrown over a fence at low heights. It creates a very dense Laser Curtain with a very high probability of detection. It is based on the company designed Laser Range Finder(LRF). The high PRF & high resolution enables the detection of small and fast moving objects. A linear array of LRFs are used to create a laser curtain.

The DLC can detect a 10 cm diameter cylindrical object crossing the laser curtain at a maximum height of approximately 250 m at a velocity of up to 250 m/sec. Ideal for monitoring area above a wall or fence in situations when objects could be thrown over a wall, or low flying drones could be used to transport objects like explosives, cellphones or even drugs.

High Security Complex Drone Defence

Provides complete protection to a high security facility like a VVIP Residence / Nuclear facility / Highly sensitive prison, from drones, and, walking, running, crawling or swimming intruders.

A virtual laser dome is created around the complex to be protected. It can detect, track and neutralize multiple drones flying in from various directions. In this case, the LRFs are complemented by PTZ cameras, and, while detection is done by the lasers, tracking is done by PTZ cameras.

As the drone crosses an invisible laser curtain, it is detected and information on its location is sent to the control centre. Simultaneously, PTZ cameras are trained on to the location and the image sent to the monitor, while sending out an alert to security personnel. Thereafter it is tracked by the cameras and the route recorded in the data base.


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